Autour du diplo - commentaires Autour du diplo 2011-02-14T16:29:19Z 2011-02-14T16:29:19Z <p>Si vous êtes un peu frustrés de ne pas avoir entendu Philippe Bacqué sur la question des dérives de la bio, en plus de la lecture du Monde Diplo et de la revue S !lence, vous pouvez retrouver une de ces interventions lors de l'émission Terre-à-terre de France Culture (très intéressante en passant) : <br class="autobr" /> <a href="" class="spip_url spip_out auto" rel="nofollow external"></a></p> Autour du diplo 2011-02-10T11:16:41Z 2011-02-10T11:16:41Z <p>.<br class="autobr" /> J'écoute en ligne, pendant l'heure de certains déjeuners, et j' me dis :</p> <p><img src='' width="8" height="11" class="puce" alt="-" /> Ce serait vach'ment bien que les émissions "Autour du Diplo à la Java" soient filmées et mises en ligne...</p> <p>Y pensez-vous ?</p> Autour du diplo 2011-02-09T20:58:25Z 2011-02-09T20:58:25Z <p>Live From Egypt : The True Face of the Mubarak Regime by Sharif Abdel Kouddous<br class="autobr" /> Live From Egypt : The Rebellion Grows Stronger by Sharif Abdel Kouddous<br class="autobr" /> Live From the Egyptian Revolution by Sharif Abdel Kouddous<br class="autobr" /> Sharif's latest updates on Twitter<br class="autobr" /> Democracy Now !'s coverage of the demonstrations in Egypt<br class="autobr" /> Today's Headlines<br class="autobr" /> Egyptian Protests Spread Following Record-Level Turnout<br class="autobr" /> White House Urges End to Egyptian Gov't Crackdown<br class="autobr" /> Obama Expected to Maintain U.S. Aid to Egyptian Regime<br class="autobr" /> GOP Dealt Setback with Temporary PATRIOT Act Defeat<br class="autobr" /> Assange Attorneys Challenge Swedish Prosecutor to Testify<br class="autobr" /> Wikileaks Docs : Despite No Evidence, Yemen Continued Jailing Alleged al-Quada Members at U.S. Behest<br class="autobr" /> Blackwater Appeal to be Closed to Public<br class="autobr" /> Pakistan Jails U.S. Consular Worker Over Shooting Deaths<br class="autobr" /> Haiti Issues Passport to Aristide<br class="autobr" /> ACLU Observer Alleges Beating at L.A. Prison</p> <p>BLOG<br class="autobr" /> Web Exclusive<br class="autobr" /> Egyptian Youth Activist Speaks with Democracy Now's Sharif Abdel Kouddous</p> <p>An activist and blogger discusses the youth organizing efforts as they stand on the 15th day of the uprising.<br class="autobr" /> Filed under Web Exclusive<br class="autobr" /> "Egypt's Youth Will Not Be Silenced"<br class="autobr" /> Egypt's burgeoning youth population is driving the revolution.<br class="autobr" /> Read More<br class="autobr" /> Filed under Weekly Column<br class="autobr" /> Web Exclusive<br class="autobr" /> Photojournalist Shot by Egyptian Police Recounts Experience</p> <p>On January 25, Cairo-based photojournalist Wally Nell was shot by the Egyptian police while photographing protests on the October 6 Bridge. "We were very deliberately targeted... The guy drove up, saw us, and then fired," he says. [includes rush transcript]<br class="autobr" /> Filed under Web Exclusive<br class="autobr" /> Web Exclusive<br class="autobr" /> "We Became One in the Street" : Leading Egyptian Feminist Nawal El Saadawi Says Egyptians are More United than Ever</p> <p>Renowned feminist and human rights activist Nawal El Saadawi was a political prisoner and exiled from Egypt for years. Now she has returned to Cairo and is participating in the protests in Tahrir Square. [includes rush transcript]<br class="autobr" /> Filed under Web Exclusive<br class="autobr" /> Democracy Now ! Special Two-Hour Show On Saturday<br class="autobr" /> On Saturday Democracy Now ! aired a two-hour special "Uprising in Eygpt." Watch/listen/download the show here<br class="autobr" /> Filed under Events<br class="autobr" /> Live From Egypt : The True Face of the Mubarak Regime by Sharif Abdel Kouddous<br class="autobr" /> Cairo, Egypt-The Mubarak regime launched a brutal and coordinated campaign of violence today to take back the streets of Cairo from Egypt's mass pro-democracy movement.<br class="autobr" /> Filed under News<br class="autobr" /> When Corporations Choose Despots Over Democracy by Amy Goodman<br class="autobr" /> “People holding a sign ‘To : America. From : the Egyptian People. Stop supporting Mubarak. It's over !” so tweeted my brave colleague, “Democracy Now !” senior producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous, from the streets of Cairo.<br class="autobr" /> Listen<br class="autobr" /> Filed under Weekly Column<br class="autobr" /> Web Exclusive<br class="autobr" /> Noam Chomsky (Part 2) : “This Is The Most Remarkable Regional Uprising That I Can Remember”<br class="autobr" /> In recent weeks, popular uprisings in the Arab world have led to the ouster of Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the imminent end of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's regime, a new Jordanian government, and a pledge by Yemen's longtime dictator to leave office at the end of his term. We speak to MIT Professor Noam Chomsky in an extended interview about what these popular uprisings mean for the future of the Middle East and U.S. foreign policy in the region, how U.S. fear of the Muslim Brotherhood is really fear of democracy in the Arab world, and what the Egyptian protests mean for people in the United States. [includes rush transcript]<br class="autobr" /> Filed under Web Exclusive<br class="autobr" /> More Blog Posts »</p> <p>Podcasting & Torrents<br class="autobr" /> DN ! Audio & Video Podcasts<br class="autobr" /> Democracy Now ! by BitTorrent</p> <p>Wednesday, February 9, 2011</p> <p>Real Video MP3 Purchase DVD/CD More Formats...<br class="autobr" /> After Record-Level Turnout in Tahrir, Egyptian Protests Spread to Parliament, Cabinet Buildings ; Labor Unions Launch Strikes Nationwide</p> <p>Egypt's pro-democracy uprising is seizing new momentum one day after hundreds of thousands turned out for one of the largest protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square to date. A gathering of protesters led to the evacuation of the Egyptian cabinet building today, and tent camps are also being set up outside the Egyptian parliament. Egypt's labor movement has launched new strikes across the country, with an estimated 10,000 workers taking part. Democracy Now ! senior producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous interviews a demonstrator outside the Egyptian parliament building. [includes rush transcript]</p> <p>“We Are Writing History by Our Blood” : Egyptian Physician on Why Protests Won't End Until Mubarak Resigns</p> <p>Democracy Now ! senior producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous speaks to Egyptian physician Dr. Ali El Mashad in Cairo's Tahrir Square over the weekend. Dr. Mashad describes being injured in the streets and bleeding from the head. “We are writing history by our blood,” he says. Mashad says he will not stop demonstrating until Mubarak leaves office. [includes rush transcript]</p> <p>Human Rights Watch : 300 Deaths, Massive Detentions and Abuse under Mubarak Regime Crackdown</p> <p>Human Rights Watch is reporting that at least 302 people have died in Egypt since pro-Mubarak forces launched a violent response to the popular uprising last month. The group says at least 232 people have died in Cairo, 52 in Alexandria, and 18 in Suez, but warns the actual death toll could be far higher. We speak with Human Rights Watch researcher Heba Morayef, who has been monitoring the situation on the ground since the protests began. [includes rush transcript]</p> <p>“People Are Taking Care of Each Other” : Democracy Now !'s Anjali Kamat Camps with Protesters Overnight in Tahrir Square</p> <p>Democracy Now ! correspondent Anjali Kamat reports on the festive atmosphere in Tahrir Square last night following a record-level turnout of protesters : “People are really taking care of each other very well, giving each other food, water and blankets. It was a very moving experience,” Kamat says. [includes rush transcript]</p> <p>“The Great Tragedy is Obama Chose Not to Hold Out His Hand” : Robert Fisk on the Gap Between U.S. Rhetoric and Action in the Egyptian Uprising</p> <p>The longtime Middle East correspondent of The Independent newspaper in London joins us from Cairo to talk about the popular uprising ongoing across Egypt, its regional implications, and how Obama should respond. “[The protesters] are asking for nothing less than Americans accept in their own lives,” Fisk says. [includes rush transcript]</p> <p>ENcore aujourd'hui des tas d'informations,nouvelles à écouter et à voir en direct D'Egypt,sur DEMOCRACY NOW.<br class="autobr" /> merci de le dire autour de vous.</p> Autour du diplo 2011-02-09T20:09:48Z 2011-02-09T20:09:48Z <p>merci encore de l'invitation Antoine, le débat était très enrichissant : une clarification des artices, de belles idées et évidemment la rencontre de grandes personnalités.</p>