Chomsky et cie (6) - commentaires Chomsky et cie (6) 2009-02-14T14:47:22Z 2009-02-14T14:47:22Z <p>Travailler plus, pour enrichir plus, les rois.</p> Chomsky et cie (6) 2008-07-24T09:20:11Z 2008-07-24T09:20:11Z <p>Hi Nancy <br> All these radio programs are about the political views of Noam Chomsky. His work regarding linguistic is not discussed at all. <br> You should try to find your answer on a more specialized forum. But perhaps are there some listeners of "la bas si j'y suis" skilled enough in linguistic to help you.... <br> Cheers,</p> what is noam chomsk's opinion about the universality of sign language 2008-07-22T10:00:32Z 2008-07-22T10:00:32Z <p>My name is Nancy Ford, i'm preparing my magister thesis in linguistics. My topic is about learning to communicate by deaf childern at primary school level.I realy need to know chomsk's opinion about the universality of sign language as he is the pioneer in inventing the theory of universal grammar. <br> Finally i'll will be so grateful and honored if i'll get the answer from Noam Chomsky.</p> Chomsky et cie (6) 2007-05-22T09:58:30Z 2007-05-22T09:58:30Z <p>au secours !! <br> je n'arrive plus à podcaster les emissions de la-bas ; j'ai essayer de télécharger directement le format mp3, mais çà ne marche pas non plus. La connexion ne se fait pas. <br> peut etre avez vous une solution ? <br> Les emissions sur Chomsky sont vraiment tres inté m'en manquent déjà 3 c'est terrible..... <br> merci pour le site, c'est super <br> lili, belgique</p>